Reproductive Institute of South Texas

We build families one heartbeat at a time

If you have hoped and planned for a baby of your own
only to watch those dreams vanish with every negative pregnancy test,
the Reproductive Institute of South Texas can help.

Texas and the greater Rio Grande Valley Couples start here to overcome infertility

For two decades, Dr. Esteban Brown has provided his South Texas neighbors with advanced technology and caring treatment as they travel the road to parenthood. Dr. Brown and his team understand that the journey many couples face can seem frustrating and overwhelming. Whether you need testing to rule out female or male infertility, or you are ready to discuss treatment options such as ovulation induction, artificial insemination, or in-vitro fertilization (IVF), Dr. Brown can offer answers and guidance along the way.

Having trained at one of the most respected programs in the U.S., Dr. Brown acquired expertise and skills to identify infertility issues and create solutions for couples to achieve their ultimate goal: a healthy baby. After completing advanced degrees and specialized training, Dr. Brown returned to South Texas and now offers patients access to best in class care close to home. The Reproductive Institute of South Texas brings state-of-the-art technology to the Valley area, from the latest therapy for endometriosis to donor egg and sperm services to intrauterine insemination (IUI).

We are in the business of hope … so don’t surrender your desire for a family. 

Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown.


Meet Dr. Esteban Brown

Helping Make Parenthood Possible in
South Texas for More Than 20 Years

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Learn About Our Renowned IVF Lab

Our State-of-the-Art Laboratory Helps Dr. Brown Achieve Success.

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